Should I buy a new Mac or upgrade the old one?

Episode 1114 (16:02)

Bob from Danville, CN
Apple MacBook Pro

Bob has a MacBook Pro from 2011 and wants to know if there's a new model coming out. Leo says that 2011 MacBook Pros were subject to a recall, so Bob should check that out first.

Should he upgrade his computer with an SSD? Leo says that's a good idea and he advises getting the Mercury SSD from They're 1 to 1 compatible with the Mac. He should make sure his SATA Bus is fast enough, though.

Bob is wondering if he should have a regular hard drive too. Leo says that unless he's doing video editing or photography, he won't really need a large hard drive anymore. Most stuff is kept in the cloud now, so a large hard drive isn't really required. What really slows down a computer is Disk IO (input-output) and an SSD upgrade will speed that up. So he may not need to buy a new computer, just give the old one a makeover.