Is it true that Quickbooks and Excel don't work as well on Mac?

Episode 1114 (2:17:37)

Ooma from San Juan Capistrano, CA

Ooma needs a new computer and she's heard that Quickbooks and Excel doesn't work well on Mac. Leo says that there is a Mac version of Excel, and there is an online version of Quickbooks, but it's better to use in Windows.

Will Windows 7 be supported for awhile? Leo says yes. Microsoft will support it until at least 2020 for extended support, but Microsoft will end mainstream support in January 2015. Security wise, they will support it through 2020. Leo also says this is why Microsoft is pushing Windows 8 hard. Windows 9 is next year, too. But Ooma has until 2020 to change OS.

Intuit is updating Quicken for Mac, but he's not sure it'll be feature for feature. The good news is that she can use Windows on a Mac. She can either run it through BootCamp or use VMWare Fusion or Parallels to run it virtually, and it works really well.