Apple Invitation Hints at Huge Product Roll Out

Episode 1113 (01:07)

Apple HQ

Apple's invitations for the September 9th event have gone out, and it could hint at a huge product rollout. The event, which returns to the Flint Center in San Francisco, also includes a custom built, large structure, which Leo says will be a demo area. Leo says the conventional wisdom is that Apple is moving to a 5.5" iPhone 6, along with a 4.7" version. But there's also talk that Apple will finally reveal the iWatch.

John Paczkowski of AllThingsD says that while Apple may announce the iWatch, it won't be available until next year. So it's likely they'll miss the holiday shopping season. Leo says that just a mere hint that Apple was going to make an iWatch has driven the whole category, as others like Samsung and HP have jumped into the fray. And we've never been closer to the Dick Tracy style watch.

There's also a great article at 9to5Mac called Seeing Through the Illusion: Understanding Appleā€™s Mastery of the Media, which talks about how Apple manipulates the media to get them to hype just what they want.