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Watch Dale from Santa Monica, CA Comments

Dale is thinking about waiting until the larger iPhone 6 comes out and then buying it refurbished after people return it for being too big. Leo says that's a great idea. His patience will always be rewarded and even with this, Apple will likely lower the price on the iPhone 5 or 5S after the 6 comes out. Leo says that with the size of the iPhone 6 being 5.5 inches (rumored), it may end up cannibalizing the iPad Mini.

Watch Jack from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Jack wants to get a phone for his friend who's losing his sight. He wants something that they can talk with. Leo says that the iPhone is easily the best in that regard as it's accessibility features are specifically deisgned for those who are blind or vision impaired. And the next version - iPhone 6 - will have a bigger screen which will make it easier for him to use.

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Watch Chaz from Toluca Lake, CA Comments

Chaz is using an Epson XP410 scanner to scan documents for his iPad. He wants an app that would allow him to assemble PDF files into one master file. Leo says that if he uses the desktop, he can combine all the scans into one PDF with the Epson software.

The iPad, although, is more limited. There's nothing that can do that at this point due to the design of the iPad. He should check out PDF Slicer or PDF Merger in the App store.

Leo also likes PDF Pen, which also would allow him to edit and annotate PDF files. PDF Pen also makes an app called Scan Plus. But it's $7 and may not be what Chaz is looking for. He should also check out the ScanBox, a Kickstarter project.

Watch Paul from Holy Oak, MA Comments

Paul runs a fantasy football league and wants to do a podcast with his friends who live all over the country. Leo says that Google Hangouts is the best option. It allows up to 9 people and they can do live Hangouts On Air and then save it right to YouTube. And it's free. But he'd be limited to nine people at this point.

Watch Jeff from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Jeff had a Jabra stereo headset that he could disconnect one ear and just use it for his phone or reconnect it for listening to music. But he needs to replace it and can't find one. Leo says that could be a challenge. There are some that can pop the ear out, but to disconnect one ear may not be available anymore.

LG makes one called the Tone Pro, which uses ear buds, and he can pop one of them out. There's also the Bluedio. The key is to have the A2DP Bluetooth protocol. It also has NFC which would allow him to pair it by just tapping his phone to it.

Watch Gary from Irvine, CA Comments

Gary needs to replace his 12 year old laptop. He's been told that Dell's Celeron won't give him much these days because it's super slow. Leo says that's inaccurate. The new Celeron processor is a name that has been reused, and is based on the Haswell chip. It's light years faster than the original Celeron design.

Watch Leo from Chatsworth, CA Comments

Leo called in and said his work computer got a virus. Everytime people log onto his website now, they get that FBI symbol. Leo says that hacking websites is the number one way hackers can get onto home computers. It's possible that his work website has been hacked because it isn't up to date and has security vulnerabilities.

Google can actually help hackers to find sites that are attackable. Once a site is found, it's a simple affair to inject special code into the website to infect it. People can even buy exploit kits that allow them to do this. Leo will essentially need to start over.

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Watch Jane from Redding, PA Comments

Jane wants to know if she should fix her old computer or buy a new one. Leo says that every computer is fixable, but is it worth spending the money to do so? Leo says that often repair men charge a fee to evaluate the computer because more than likely the person will decide not to fix it, and that's the only money they're going to see.

Jane says her computer has been overheating. Leo says that's a typical problem and could indicate the computer will die soon, so it's a good idea to keep her data backed up. She should make two copies and keep one off site.

Leo also has a hunch that Jane is a prime candidate for an alternative, like a Mac or even a Chromebook. Leo says that most people buy far more than they need, when a simple solution is often also the most affordable.

Watch Joe from Missouri Comments

Joe is looking to get a Computer Science degree. Leo says that most of those in Silicon Valley don't have a college degree. It's not really what they judge people on there. It's about what they know and what their skill set is. 56% of programmers in San Francisco have dropped out of school. But the benefit of a certification is that if he has no experience, he at least can point to the cert.

Watch Rick from Santa Barbara, CA Comments

Sam has a ton of pictures and he wants to know how to back them up across multiple DVDs. Leo says that burn programs like Roxio DVD creator can do this automatically. It's great for doing them all at once.

Leo says a better and more affordable way to go is just to back them up on a 2TB hard drive or thumb drive. Then Rick won't have to worry about reburning them later.

Watch Kathleen from Yucca Valley, CA Comments

Kathy thinks her Mac got hacked. She gave a support line remote access to her Mac and she's worried she got hacked. Leo says that if she didn't give them her credit card, chances are she's OK. But if she wants to be sure, she can download Little Snitch. It'll observe her computer activity and let her know if it does phone home or let someone remotely access it again. She should also turn on her software firewall.