What's a good small camera that gives professional results?

Episode 1112 (1:48:15)

Bruce from Irvine, CA

Bruce is a bush pilot in Alaska. He's looking for a good digital camera that's better than a point and shoot, but not the size of a full DSLR. Leo says the best point and shoot right now is the Sony RX100. It's not cheap at $800 for the MKIII, but it has a 1" full frame sensor, an f1.8 24-70 zoom, and it's tiny. So it's easy to use and provides professional results.

There's also a GoPro, which he can actually mount to the inside of the plane as well as the outside. He can control it through the app on his iPhone. That's probably an even better option and for the cost of a Sony RX100, he can buy two GoPros. Leo says Bruce should be on Google+, Flickr, and other sites to share his images.