What's a good, low priced laptop?

Episode 1112 (1:58:46)

Tina from San Diego, CA
Acer C720

Tina is a software instructor and her Dell Laptop is dying. So she bought an Asus 10" laptop and now her Asus is being recalled. She's returning that and now she's got no backup laptop to do her job. She's looking for something small that she can use.

Leo says that an ultrabook is ideal for Tina. It's thin and light, and has a decent sized 13" screen. It's also great on battery life. Tina's budget is $500, so Leo advises Lenovo's business class laptops.

Another option is a Chromebook like the Acer C720. It's just $200, and is a good build quality. She can use web apps on it like Office 365 just fine.

There's also a Surface Pro 3, but that's over $1000 and out of Tina's budget. But Tina should understand that a $500 laptop isn't going to be all that great.

Tina also has WD Passport backup drive that uploads her data to DropBox, but she's running out of space. Leo says that both Google Drive and Microsoft's OneDrive are both cheaper and offer the same service.