Users Take to Twitter in Wake of Napa Earthquake

Episode 1112 (01:46)


At about 3 am Sunday morning, a 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck Northern California. Leo awoke from his bed and immediately went to Twitter, where he found tons of breaking news. Leo says that if you want to know what has happened, Twitter is the place to go. CNN didn't announce the news of the earthquake until 40 minutes later, while Twitter had the magnitude, epicenter, and other details within a few minutes. Leo says that Twitter is great for breaking news because you get details practically as they happened from people who are witnessing it. It's like the first draft of history.

But even with that, Leo isn't so sure about Twitter. Aside from it's news benefits, there's a dark side to Twitter. You can use it to damage and harm people with phony Twitter accounts. Robin Williams daughter left twitter because users were acting viciously over the death of her father.