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Watch G. Scott from Minnesota Comments

G. Scott picked up an ultrabook the other day with Windows 8.0, but he's wondering if he should upgrade to 8.1. Is there a benefit? Leo says absolutely he should. There's significant changes that not only bring more familiar features back to Windows, such as the start button, but it's also a service pack update that buttons up some bugs and vulnerabilities.

He should go to the Windows Store and apply the update. Leo says that moving forward, he should always get the most recent version of Windows.

Watch Gail from Covina, CA Comments

Gail is anxious for iPhone 6 to come out because she's still on an iPhone 4. She wants to know when she'll be able to pre-order the new phone. Leo says it could be September 9th, the day they announce it, but it could be ten days later. Or it might be on the 12th. There's also news that Apple is having manufacturing issues and there may be short supplies, so she'll have to be quick to pre-order. When she does pre-order, she should do it at the Apple Store website. She can specify her carrier there, and then it will be FedExed to her.

(Note: iPhone 6 has not yet been announced. iPhone 5s pictured above.)

Watch Bill from Emerson, AR Comments

Bill is having issues with Facebook's latest version of the smartphone app because the videos autoplay and it's hitting his bandwidth caps. Leo says that Facebook is planning to do that so that they can sell advertising on user's feeds. While Leo believes that Facebook needs to monetize in order to pay the bills and stay in operation, it also has a social contract with it's members not to do such things that impact their own bottom line. It's a shame that they don't see that. The good news is, he can go into the settings for his app and turn off autoplay.

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Watch Skip from Annapolis, MD Comments

Skip has a business that he runs off of a dedicated PC and he wants to help a friend start a similar business. He wants to be able to clone his hard drive and ship it to him so he can run it as well. Would that work? Leo says yes and no.

The problem is that the computer will be different and the drivers will be an issue. Microsoft's DRM, called "Windows Genuine Advantage" will look at the hardware and if more than a few components change, it won't run, and will suspect it's a pirated system. Leo advises creating a VMWare appliance -- an image that is created using virtualization software. Then he can load the image in virutalization to another computer, which works without dealing with Windows Genuine Advantage.

He can go to and download the VMPlayer. He could also remote desktop to his machine and see how that works. The Intel NUC computer is another option. It's a little computer about the size of an Apple TV.

Watch Chris from Miami, FL Comments

Chris has a Wi-Fi issue in his house, and he's been told that he can only have three Airports in his home because it would cause problems. Leo says there shouldn't be a limit with WDS if the other Airports are just passing along the data and extending the network. If they're all on the same channel, then the limit will probably be in force since collisions could occur. The trick is to get the channels that are overlapping as far apart as possible, around 100 feet away. This is to reduce Wi-Fi congestion. It can work, but it could be a bit less reliable. It helps if all the access points are the same model. AC Wi-Fi will also help, since it uses "beam forming" to overcome congestion.

Watch Mark from Syracuse, NY Comments

EyeDoc Mark's daughter is going to University and he wants to know whether or not she'll need a printer. Leo says that she doesn't really need to bring a printer because Universities provide them, but she may need to pay for each page. That's why Mark is thinking about buying her one for herself. Leo advises getting a laser printer. They're cheaper to use per page and the printer toner lasts a lot longer. A good black and white printer will cover most of her needs. If she needs color, then she can use the printers at the school and pay for it.

Watch EyeDoc Mark from Syracuse, NY Comments

Leo says the red warning means the Drobo won't accept that particular drive. Leo recommends Synology instead for a home network RAID. Netgear's ReadNAS is a good option as well.

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Watch Brian from Charlestown, IN Comments

Charles has a Philips Hue lighting system that randomly turns blue. Leo says that when the power goes out, the Hues come on at full brightness when it returns. So it could be a bug like that. Leo advises contacting support through the website. Meanwhile, if Charles can just reset it to the normal color, then at least that is good. The chatroom also says to make sure the bulb has the latest firmware, and he should check his alarm settings.

Watch Joe from Port of LA, CA Comments

Joe wants to put his DirecTV on his boat. DirecTV says they can do it, but he doesn't believe them. Leo thinks that if he's in the harbor and there isn't a lot of movement, then it could be possible. But since boats move up and down according to the tides, Joe will likely lose that satellite connection often. It's not a good idea, especially for internet access.

A better option would be to go with cellular data, and since Joe has Verizon through his iPad, that may be the best option. His iPad would make a great hotspot. Or he could use a MiFi, which is faster. Verizon has a product called Home Fusion which may be a better option since it may be priced more affordably.

Watch Bruce from Irvine, CA Comments

Bruce is a bush pilot in Alaska. He's looking for a good digital camera that's better than a point and shoot, but not the size of a full DSLR. Leo says the best point and shoot right now is the Sony RX100. It's not cheap at $800 for the MKIII, but it has a 1" full frame sensor, an f1.8 24-70 zoom, and it's tiny. So it's easy to use and provides professional results.

There's also a GoPro, which he can actually mount to the inside of the plane as well as the outside. He can control it through the app on his iPhone. That's probably an even better option and for the cost of a Sony RX100, he can buy two GoPros. Leo says Bruce should be on Google+, Flickr, and other sites to share his images.

Watch Tina from San Diego, CA Comments

Tina is a software instructor and her Dell Laptop is dying. So she bought an Asus 10" laptop and now her Asus is being recalled. She's returning that and now she's got no backup laptop to do her job. She's looking for something small that she can use.

Leo says that an ultrabook is ideal for Tina. It's thin and light, and has a decent sized 13" screen. It's also great on battery life. Tina's budget is $500, so Leo advises Lenovo's business class laptops.

Another option is a Chromebook like the Acer C720. It's just $200, and is a good build quality. She can use web apps on it like Office 365 just fine.

There's also a Surface Pro 3, but that's over $1000 and out of Tina's budget. But Tina should understand that a $500 laptop isn't going to be all that great.

Tina also has WD Passport backup drive that uploads her data to DropBox, but she's running out of space. Leo says that both Google Drive and Microsoft's OneDrive are both cheaper and offer the same service.