What data plan should I get for my new iPhone?

Episode 1111 (41:11)

Judy from Placentia, CA
iPhone 5s

Judy called last week about what to get for her first smart phone, and she decided on the iPhone. Leo says that's a good first choice, but Judy should wait until next month since the new models will be announced.

Now she has to decide how much data she wants for her plan. Leo says to start with the basic 2GB a month. If she goes over that amount, it'll only cost $10 for an additional 1GB. She should be aware that many places have Wi-Fi, though. She can set her phone to only download things when she's on Wi-Fi. If she can get it down to 1GB, then she can always step down to that. But Leo says that 1GB a month is too little for most people.

Leo suggests that Judy immediately go online to the Apple Store and pre-order once it's been announced, as there's a shortage of inventory expected. The 16GB or 32GB model will be large enough.