Scott Wilkinson and the Value Challenge Results

Episode 1111 (26:15)

Scott joins us and Leo says that this weekend, FXX is doing a Simpson's marathon, which will show every single episode, 24/7 and will run for 12 days!

Meanwhile, Value Electronics has completed their ratings of TVs and for the first time, a tie was declared. The fans, experts and calibrators all got to choose. the Calibrators picked the LG S9C OLED TV as their favorite. The Pros also picked last year's model the Samsung F85 plasma as their favorite again. The LG OLED topped four categories, while the F85 plasma topped the other two. Leo says that indicates that OLED is the format of the future and will fill the void of plasma. But Scott says it's not without problems including gamma and tracking issues. But even with LGs success, the Samsung F85 still won the popular vote.

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