How can I stop seniors from falling for the Microsoft Support Scam?

Episode 1111 (2:08:55)

Bob from Apple Valley, CA

Bob has been seeing that the Microsoft scam is targeting seniors. Seniors are getting calls from "tech support" at Microsoft saying they're infected. Bob says that he tells all his clients that it's a scam, but they find it's very authoritative. Leo says that's why seniors are much better off with tablets instead of computers. Leo says that he believes the same technicians that actually handle tech support overseas are moonlighting making these calls.

The reason the scam works is that they use the Microsoft Event Viewer which shows normal failed events and the bad guy focuses on them. Then they get access to the person's computer remotely and ask for a credit card to fix it. Once they get this, they have money, a credit card number, and can install malware, all with the blessings of the user. Leo also advises transitioning users to Chromebooks if they need more than a tablet.