How can I read the hard drive from an old iPod?

Episode 1111 (1:49:38)

Bruce from Bethlehem, PA
Apple iPod

Bruce has an 80GB iPod classic. The iPod died and he's pulled the drive out of it and put it in a drive adapter for minidrives. He plugged it into his USB port to try and get the music off it. Leo says that if he can see the drive, he should be able to get to it. But Bruce says that while it's in the drive manager, it says "no volume found."

Leo says that it would've been easier to leave it in the iPod. But if it didn't work, it's likely that the drive is the culprit. He should try using the same computer that iTunes was on. So if it's an iPod that was connected to a Windows PC, then it's formatted for FAT32. He should try right-clicking on the drive, go to Properties, and then select "Show Hidden Files." The folders will be numeric. If he can't see the drive, it's likely dead. If Windows sees the hardware in the File Manager, that only means it sees the interface. If it won't mount when he tries to navigate to it, then the drive may be dead.