What should I buy for my first smartphone?

Episode 1110 (1:55:35)

Judy from Placentia, CA
iPhone 5s

Judy is looking to get her very first smartphone. She currently uses T-Mobile, but she's worried about coverage for a road trip she's going on. Leo says that coverage wise, Verizon is best, while AT&T has the best data speeds. Leo really likes T-Mobile, though.

Next month, both the iPhone and the Motorola X will be coming out, so it may be wise to wait. Even if she doesn't want the new model, the older models will then be discounted if she wants to save some money. Judy wants a phone that'll fit in her pocket. Leo says that both the iPhone and the Motorola Moto X are good choices, sine they are 4" and 4.7" respectively. If the camera is important, then Leo advises going with the iPhone. Getting a Mophie case will give her extra battery life if she finds that she needs it.