How many IP addresses are there with IPv6?

Episode 1110 (17:47)

Victor from Anaheim, CA
IP address

Victor is curious about how many possible addresses are available in IPv6. Leo says that there are a ton. With IPv6, we'll have 2^128th. Victor did the math and it means we'd be able to cover the entire world with a blanked of sand worth of internet addresses, and we'd have more internet addresses than stars in the universe. Leo says that's mind boggling, and the reason it's important is that we're moving towards putting everything online with its own IP address.

While we have version 6 coming, we're still stuck on version 4, and we could run out. But technical gurus have figured out a workaround. Carrier NAT is one that the ISP can use to address running out of ISPs until the transition happens. Meanwhile, 96% of IPs are still on the old IPv4.