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Episode 1110 August 17, 2014

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Audience Questions

Audience QuestionsHour 1

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Watch Victor from Anaheim, CA Comments

Victor is curious about how many possible addresses are available in IPv6. Leo says that there are a ton. With IPv6, we'll have 2^128th. Victor did the math and it means we'd be able to cover the entire world with a blanked of sand worth of internet addresses, and we'd have more internet addresses than stars in the universe. Leo says that's mind boggling, and the reason it's important is that we're moving towards putting everything online with its own IP address.

While we have version 6 coming, we're still stuck on version 4, and we could run out. But technical gurus have figured out a workaround. Carrier NAT is one that the ISP can use to address running out of ISPs until the transition happens. Meanwhile, 96% of IPs are still on the old IPv4.

Watch Sam from California Comments

Sam wants to read QR codes with his phone, and wants to know what app would be best for it. There are plenty of options out there that can read both QR codes and bar codes. There are even plenty of apps that can also generate them. RedLaser is a good option.

Watch Sonny from Torrance, CA Comments

Sonny has an unused 2nd generation Apple TV and he's thinking of selling it on eBay. He's seeing on eBay that they're selling for $200-300 dollars jailbroken. Leo says to take the money and run! Then he can buy a new one and pocket the change. Leo also points out that eBay values can be misleading. Just because people ask for an amount, doesn't mean they'll get it.

If he keeps it, should he jailbreak it? What's the advantage? Leo says jailbreaking really isn't as valuable as it used to be. If he's interested, FireCore does it for a $30 lifetime subscription. But Leo says he won't really gain a lot and it makes the Apple TV far less reliable. It's easy to do it, but he should understand that there are risks associated with it.

Leo also says that Apple is likely to announce a 4K Apple TV this year as well.

Watch Eleanor from Pasadena, CA Comments

Eleanor has a 1st generation iPad and she doesn't use it for anything other than email and browsing the web. But Safari is constantly crashing on her. Leo says that since it's over 4 years old now, it's a good idea to just start over. She should sync it up to iTunes, back up and then restore it. But it may be that today's websites are just too hard on its limited power and memory. It's worth trying the reset, though.

Audience QuestionsHour 2

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Watch Tom from Warren, OH Comments

Tom has a picture with the format .KQP from a Konica camera. How can he convert that? Leo says there's a great website for this at He can search by extension and get help on how to open it. It recommends XNView for this particular file, and they also have a converter. He should check out

Watch Shell from San Gabriel, CA Comments

Shell is looking for an option for internet service for her tablet. Leo says Shell's options are cable or DSL. Cable is faster, but DSL is more consistent. Leo recommends going to It's an independent site that will tell her what service is available in her area and provides reviews on that service.

Leo recommends going to her cellphone provider and tell them you want to add a tablet. They'll add it for a small charge. And if it's T-Mobile, they'll even offer 200MB for free.

Watch Kim from Contra Costa, CA Comments

Kim is a film student and she's trying to decide between Mac and PC. Her film school uses Avid. Leo says that Kim can use a PC with Avid. Can she use a Surface Pro tablet? Leo says that for most of her work, she probably could. It's great for note taking. Kim would have to buy the keyboard, though.

Lenovo's Carbon X1 Touch is a good option. The only real issue will be space. There isn't a lot there, so Kim will want to get an external drive. The school bookstore will offer discounts for students, so she should be able to get a deal. She also may need an external DVD burner.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Rob from Sylmar, CA Comments

Rob has a Lenovo running Windows 7 and Office 2007, and it keeps displaying a configuration warning after a recent power failure. Leo says that Office programs hate power failures and it's likely that the config file became corrupt. When power comes back on, it causes a power surge that can also cause problems. Leo thinks that Office is trying to write to the file, but since it's damaged it's having trouble.

Running a repair to the configuration file is the correct thing to do. It's always a good idea to backup data, too. Then uninstall Office completely and do a fresh install. But Rob may also need a new hard drive.

Watch Judy from Placentia, CA Comments

Judy is looking to get her very first smartphone. She currently uses T-Mobile, but she's worried about coverage for a road trip she's going on. Leo says that coverage wise, Verizon is best, while AT&T has the best data speeds. Leo really likes T-Mobile, though.

Next month, both the iPhone and the Motorola X will be coming out, so it may be wise to wait. Even if she doesn't want the new model, the older models will then be discounted if she wants to save some money. Judy wants a phone that'll fit in her pocket. Leo says that both the iPhone and the Motorola Moto X are good choices, sine they are 4" and 4.7" respectively. If the camera is important, then Leo advises going with the iPhone. Getting a Mophie case will give her extra battery life if she finds that she needs it.

Watch Tim from Cape Cod, CA Comments

Tim uses Adobe Premiere CS6 for editing video and wants to decrease his rendering times. Leo says Tim needs to figure out what the weak link is in the chain that's causing the bottle neck, and it could either be the processor, the graphics processor, the RAM, or the hard drive. Boosting his video card will help. Since he's boosted his RAM and installed an SSD, Leo has a hunch it's the graphics processor. If it's slowing down while encoding, that could point to the CPU.

The chatroom recommends Process Explorer, which will tell him which hardware is being used by which process.

Watch Dale from Pomona, CA Comments

Dale has been running Windows XP and now that Microsoft has killed off support for it, he's looking to upgrade his computer to Windows 7. His company can give it to him in the form of a download. What does he need to do to prepare his computer?

Leo says to get an external hard drive and backup all data. Once he upgrades, he'll need to reinstall all the apps. When he gets the download, there's plenty of utilities for making a disc from the ISO. He can also put it on a bootable USB key, which is also a great idea.

Watch Sharon from Fontana, CA Comments

Sharon wants to create a hotspot so she can have Wi-Fi on her laptop. Leo advises using a MyFi Wi-Fi Hotspot card, which are available through her carrier. In general, she'll be charged an extra $30-50 a month. Leo says it's likely cheaper to go to an ISP and wire her home for internet. DSL Extreme has $13 a month deals for the first year.

(Disclaimer: DSL Extreme is a sponsor).