What's the best tablet for gaming?

Episode 1108 (11:48)

Patrick from Burlington, MA
NVidea Shield

Patrick is 13 and he travels a lot, so he's looking to get a Windows tablet. Leo says that the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is a full Windows experience on a tablet. The Dell Venue Pro is a great Windows based tablet as well. There's also Windows RT which is not the full version of Windows. Leo doesn't care for RT because it's a kind of technological dead end as it doesn't support most Windows apps. So much so that Microsoft's new CEO killed the 8" tablet weeks before it was going to launch. So Leo advises going with the Surface Pro 3 or the Dell Venue Pro.

If Patrick is willing to switch away from Windows, Leo says the iPad is a great option. Or he could go with the Google Nexus 7 for $250. Android is the low cost leader and offers great features.

If he's a gamer, the NVidia Shield gaming tablet is amazing. It's the fastest tablet out there thanks to a Tegra 1 processor, and it's only $300 for the 16GB Wi-Fi version. It also has front facing stereo speakers. Leo says this is probably the best tablet for Patrick.