What camera should I buy to record dancing?

Episode 1108 (1:26:42)

Chad from Portland, OR
Canon Vixia

Chad is a ballroom dancing choreographer and he wants to start recording his dances and archive them. He's trying to raise money for equipment on GoFundMe.com. He's looking to get a camera and he doesn't know if he should get a Canon 5D Mk. III or if there's a more affordable option that will give him broadcast quality. Leo suggests that if it's a live performance, he should record with multiple cameras to get close ups, medium shots, and establishing shots. If he's able to do multiple takes, then he can use one camera and shoot it multiple times. It really comes down to what his budget is.

Leo also says the problem with the 5D is that it can only shoot about 20 minutes continuously. So a video camera like the Canon Vixia is ideal for this kind of thing. But he'll lose depth of field. Another cool idea is to get a GoPro camera for a point of view shot. Recording to flash will also help in transferring it to his computer. What about HDMI? Leo says he can record through HDMI, but he'd need a separate recorder. The recorder and one camera would be the same price as getting multiple cameras, so that would get expensive fast.

Some of the Micro 4/3rds cameras like the Panasonic GH4 would be less expensive, have interchangeable lenses, and might be better for video. But it's still $1,700, and has a smaller sensor, so Leo wouldn't recommend that one.

Caller Jeremy also says he's used three Canon T2is for under $2000 for Chad's dancing project. He won't be able to tell the difference between that and the 5D Mk. III unless he tries to blow it up to 2K. Another option is the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera.