Should I buy the Galaxy Note 3 or the LG G3?

Episode 1108 (2:04:12)

George from California

George is trying to decide between the LG G3 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Leo says that people who have used both say that ironically, the Note 3 has a sharper, more colorful screen because it's OLED. The Note 4 should be coming any time now, so if he can wait a month, he could get the latest one.

One thing that Leo doesn't like about the Samsung line is that they "gunk" up the interface with junk software. He prefers the pure Google experience and the LG G3 is closer than that. The camera is better on the Galaxy Note and S5, however, but the LG has the laser focusing. If he's going to get something now, Leo suggests getting the LG G3 because it's the newest of the two.