How can I take pictures of small dark parts for use in a magazine?

Episode 1108 (57:40)

Steve from Chatsworth, CA

Steve takes pictures of parts that are usually dark black, and when he lights them, he ends up with horrible shadows. How can he get rid of those shadows? Leo says what Steve needs is a seamless background and photo box. B&H Photo has a Polaroid Photo LIght Kit that has a box, lights, diffusers and is under $50. It's a great way to do just what Steve needs. He can also search for eBay Photo Kit.

Chris Marquardt chimes in to suggest that those kits will give him consistent lighting. Sunlight is the best option color-wise, though. It has all the colors in the spectrum and will bring out all the best features. But the problem is that it casts hard shadows. Using a diffuser that is slightly translucent will create a softer light that will blend out the shadows. But the photo kit is definitely the best way to go about this.