How can I "shoot the moon" tonight?

Episode 1108 (2:11:25)

Andrea from Lakewood, CA
Super moon

Andrea is going to take pictures of the "super moon." Leo says tonight is a great night to not only shoot the moon, but also the Pleiades meteor shower. She'll need a longer lens than she thinks - like 300mm, and a tripod to keep it completely stable. She'll be doing time exposures. The key is, the moon is very bright, so she'll stop it down and lengthen the exposures. She'll want to expose for the moon itself, and she'll want to set it manually.

She should use ISO 200 and the smallest aperture, F11 (called the "Looney 11 rule") 1/125th. Try a test shot, then compensate for shutter speed. Most cameras will also let you use exposure compensation to add a stop or two when you can't any other way. The key is to play around with it. Chris Marquardt gave some suggestions on shooting the moon here.