Why won't my Samsung Galaxy S3 read SD cards anymore?

Episode 1106 (49:33)

Ron from Boise, ID
SanDisk SD Card

Ron has a Samsung Galaxy S3 and it suddenly stopped reading SD cards. Ron cleaned the contacts on the cards, and now it can't be read. Leo says it could be the dialectic grease that he applied to it. Since the SD cards will be read by his computer, he can at least get the data off of them. Then he can either just use the internal storage on the phone, or he could look into a new phone. Leo says that phones age even faster than computers. It's as if they age 30 years every 1 year. That Galaxy S3 is now almost 4 years old, so it would make sense that it's starting to fail.

Ron may be able to get a new Samsung Galaxy S3 free or very cheap from his carrier. He also should look at the Samsung Galaxy S4 or Galaxy S5, which are the newer models. The Galaxy Note 4 should be coming out very soon too. The HTC One (M8) and LG G3 are other good choices. In September we'll see a new iPhone, and that might be a compelling option.