Should I upgrade to Windows 8 on a computer without a touch screen?

Episode 1106 (1:54:33)

Jay from Providence, NC

Jay's friend has an old Windows Vista laptop and is wondering whether to upgrade it to Windows 8, despite it not having a touch screen. Leo says it doesn't have to have a touch screen. Everything can be done with a touch pad or mouse. In fact, Windows 8 may even run faster on that system, provided it has at least 2 GB of RAM. Microsoft has fixed a lot of problems that plagued Windows in the past with Windows 8 as well. If he wants to make Windows 8 look and operate more like the previous version, then he should look into Start8 from Stardock for just $5.

Jay also wants to know if he should buy SpinRite to check out the integrity of the hardware. Leo says that if he only has one computer, and one hard drive, it really isn't worth buying SpinRite. He should just replace the hard drive. If he's dealing with multiple workstations, then SpinRite is a good investment.