How can I speed up Microsoft Outlook?

Episode 1106 (1:41:40)

Stephen from Bakersfield, CA

Stephen is using an old 2003 version of Windows Office. Should he upgrade? Outlook has been running slow for him. Leo says he doesn't have to upgrade. It looks different, and there's more features in the new version, but it's not necessary. As long as it works, he can keep using it. One difference, though, is that Microsoft Outlook puts everything in one giant PST file. And when it gets too big, it can get corrupted. Turning on Archiving will help because it'll archive the old stuff and keep the Outlook file smaller. He can also reindex his outlook.pst file. Here's a Microsoft Tech Note on how to do it.

Leo suggests moving away from Outlook entirely. Leo recommends transitioning to Google Mail, Calendar, and Contacts. Or at least go with, which is cloud based. That way he won't have to deal with this slow down issue again.