How can I backup my new LG G3?

Episode 1106 (1:02:43)

Mike from Mission Viejo, CA

Mike has bought the new LG G3 Android phone. Leo says it's really interesting because it has an ultra HD display, which leaves the Apple Retina display in the dust. It also has a laser focus, 13 MP camera. The only thing Leo says is weird are the buttons on the back.

When Mike bought the new phone, he was told he would be able to log in and it would bring his old phone's data over. It didn't work, though. Leo says that may be because it wasn't enabled on the old phone. In the settings, there's a check box that says "back up my phone to Google," that has to be turned on. "Automatic Restore" also has to be checked. If he's done all that, it should work in most cases.

What about his pictures? Leo says it won't back them up automatically. But if he has the Google+ app on his phone, he can enable "Automatic Upload" and it'll save it to the Google+ gallery.

To back up this new phone, he can look into a third party backup app like Helium. This will backup his entire phone to an SD card. He doesn't have to root the phone for Helium. Another option is Titanium Backup, although this would require him to root the phone.