Can I buy a new phone and keep my unlimited data plan?

Episode 1106 (2:06:55)

Alan from Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
Blackberry Bold

Alan still uses a Blackberry Bold and he's keeping it because of his unlimited data. Leo says that if he pays the full price for the phone and it's not being subsidized, chances are he won't lose his data plan. The carrier will try hard to get him to transition off the unlimited plan to a family share plan, but Leo says they'll get him on overage charges. So he should keep it as long as he can. The chatroom says Verizon doesn't consider the Blackberry Bold a smartphone, so he may not be able to keep that unlimited data plan no matter what he does. He also wants to tether to his laptop. Leo says that Alan will have to pay an addition $20 a month to do that.

Leo advises going to T-Mobile. They're very competitive and he can bring his own phone if he wants. T-Mobile doesn't subsidize, either. So if he's going to buy a new phone at full price, then why not jump ship? Leo also says he can talk to Verizon's retention department and get them to lower his rate or he'll walk.