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Watch Mark from Ontario, Canada Comments

Mark is looking for a 2TB desktop hard drive. Leo says that hard drives are commodities these days, and no one brand is really better than another. Leo does use Western Digital though, the Caviar line. They're 7200 rpm and he can get them in various models. "Red" drives are for network attached storage and are slow, but reliable, "Black" drives are faster and "Green" drives are eco-friendly and lower power. The VelociRaptor models are 10,000 rpm and are great high performance drives. But now that we're in the world of SSDs, spinning hard drives are less important. He should avoid hybrid drives though. Leo says those are the worst of both worlds.

The chatroom says that BackBlaze did an article on what hard drive you should use, and they buy a lot of them.

Watch Jason from New Jersey Comments

Jason is looking for a Windows tablet. Leo says that he has the choice between the Microsoft Surface Pro and Surface RT. Leo says to avoid the RT. It's under powered, and he won't be able to run regular Windows based apps on it. He should go with the Surface Pro 3, if he can afford the $600+ price tag.

Watch Janen from Sacramento, CA Comments

Janen is looking to change careers, and wants to go into something more tech related. What will be the next biggest thing in technology in the next 10 to 15 years? Leo says that both robotics and biotech is going to be huge. Virtual reality is about to explode as well. Even app development has a lot of promise, even though most of the money is made by a small segment. Learning to code is really going to serve Janen well. The chatroom says that battery technology is great for those material engineers.

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Watch Jason from Cooper, TX Comments

Jason has an Android tablet running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, and he's trying to know how to move his apps to his SD card. Leo says that in the latest version of Android, You can't install apps onto your SD card anymore, mostly for reliability and security. Also, SD cards are slower than the internal drive. That's why Leo recommends buying a phone with more storage and just use the SD card for data storage. And these days, a lot of phones no longer have SD cards anymore. And the reality is, as more of our data goes up to the cloud, local storage really isn't an issue anymore.

Watch Ron from Boise, ID Comments

Ron has a Samsung Galaxy S3 and it suddenly stopped reading SD cards. Ron cleaned the contacts on the cards, and now it can't be read. Leo says it could be the dialectic grease that he applied to it. Since the SD cards will be read by his computer, he can at least get the data off of them. Then he can either just use the internal storage on the phone, or he could look into a new phone. Leo says that phones age even faster than computers. It's as if they age 30 years every 1 year. That Galaxy S3 is now almost 4 years old, so it would make sense that it's starting to fail.

Ron may be able to get a new Samsung Galaxy S3 free or very cheap from his carrier. He also should look at the Samsung Galaxy S4 or Galaxy S5, which are the newer models. The Galaxy Note 4 should be coming out very soon too. The HTC One (M8) and LG G3 are other good choices. In September we'll see a new iPhone, and that might be a compelling option.

Watch Mike from Mission Viejo, CA Comments

Mike has bought the new LG G3 Android phone. Leo says it's really interesting because it has an ultra HD display, which leaves the Apple Retina display in the dust. It also has a laser focus, 13 MP camera. The only thing Leo says is weird are the buttons on the back.

When Mike bought the new phone, he was told he would be able to log in and it would bring his old phone's data over. It didn't work, though. Leo says that may be because it wasn't enabled on the old phone. In the settings, there's a check box that says "back up my phone to Google," that has to be turned on. "Automatic Restore" also has to be checked. If he's done all that, it should work in most cases.

What about his pictures? Leo says it won't back them up automatically. But if he has the Google+ app on his phone, he can enable "Automatic Upload" and it'll save it to the Google+ gallery.

To back up this new phone, he can look into a third party backup app like Helium. This will backup his entire phone to an SD card. He doesn't have to root the phone for Helium. Another option is Titanium Backup, although this would require him to root the phone.

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Watch Stephen from Bakersfield, CA Comments

Stephen is using an old 2003 version of Windows Office. Should he upgrade? Outlook has been running slow for him. Leo says he doesn't have to upgrade. It looks different, and there's more features in the new version, but it's not necessary. As long as it works, he can keep using it. One difference, though, is that Microsoft Outlook puts everything in one giant PST file. And when it gets too big, it can get corrupted. Turning on Archiving will help because it'll archive the old stuff and keep the Outlook file smaller. He can also reindex his outlook.pst file. Here's a Microsoft Tech Note on how to do it.

Leo suggests moving away from Outlook entirely. Leo recommends transitioning to Google Mail, Calendar, and Contacts. Or at least go with, which is cloud based. That way he won't have to deal with this slow down issue again.

Watch Ron from North Carolina Comments

Ron is buying his wife a new laptop for their anniversary and he's looking at a Lenovo which has AC Wi-Fi. He doesn't think his router can handle it, since it's pretty old. Leo says that routers do wear out and the AC router will give him better reception and speed. Every four or five years, it may be necessary to get a new router.

Watch Jay from Providence, NC Comments

Jay's friend has an old Windows Vista laptop and is wondering whether to upgrade it to Windows 8, despite it not having a touch screen. Leo says it doesn't have to have a touch screen. Everything can be done with a touch pad or mouse. In fact, Windows 8 may even run faster on that system, provided it has at least 2 GB of RAM. Microsoft has fixed a lot of problems that plagued Windows in the past with Windows 8 as well. If he wants to make Windows 8 look and operate more like the previous version, then he should look into Start8 from Stardock for just $5.

Jay also wants to know if he should buy SpinRite to check out the integrity of the hardware. Leo says that if he only has one computer, and one hard drive, it really isn't worth buying SpinRite. He should just replace the hard drive. If he's dealing with multiple workstations, then SpinRite is a good investment.

Watch Alan from Rancho Palos Verdes, CA Comments

Alan still uses a Blackberry Bold and he's keeping it because of his unlimited data. Leo says that if he pays the full price for the phone and it's not being subsidized, chances are he won't lose his data plan. The carrier will try hard to get him to transition off the unlimited plan to a family share plan, but Leo says they'll get him on overage charges. So he should keep it as long as he can. The chatroom says Verizon doesn't consider the Blackberry Bold a smartphone, so he may not be able to keep that unlimited data plan no matter what he does. He also wants to tether to his laptop. Leo says that Alan will have to pay an addition $20 a month to do that.

Leo advises going to T-Mobile. They're very competitive and he can bring his own phone if he wants. T-Mobile doesn't subsidize, either. So if he's going to buy a new phone at full price, then why not jump ship? Leo also says he can talk to Verizon's retention department and get them to lower his rate or he'll walk.

Watch Mark from Moorsville, NC Comments

Mark's son is doing YouTube recordings of his drumming. Leo says that kids using YouTube is all the rage now and a point and shoot camera does spectacular video. But the audio is another story. Leo says that a BeachTek adapter with a minJack out/XLR in will allow him to use a Sure SM57 mic. He'll want to sync the audio as well by making a loud clap at the beginning so he can align the audio and video tracks properly. He'll also want to think about lighting as well.

Watch Jeff from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Jeff has a 3000' square foot house and has several Apple Airport Expresses to relay the signal from his Airport Extreme. Leo says that Jeff should have the Express in 'Bridging mode' and should let the Airport Extreme choose the channel because it will adjust according to congestion. Just select the option to extend the network and let it handle everything else.