Why can't I stream video from my iPad?

Episode 1105 (1:14:23)

David from Mission Viejo, CA
iPad Air

David has a program on the iPad that scrolls text into a movie. He wants to share it with his clients, but he's getting HDCP errors. Leo says that's odd because HDCP is copy protection and if he's creating his own content, that shouldn't even be a factor. Leo says it's likely not the video or the iPad, but the converter he's using to get the video out of the iPad. It probably isn't HDCP compliant, and the device he's linking to requires it. This is one of the reasons why Leo hates the digital rights management of HDCP.

Could it be the dongle? Leo says it could be. Leo says that using Airplay is a better solution. Then he can connect via AppleTV and there's no HDCP compliance issues. Pinnacle works well as well, especially with AppleTV. So that's an option as well. But if you're using AppleTV, it should work. The sad part is, HDCP doesn't stop piracy AT ALL. The only people that are prevented from enjoying content are honest users, not pirates.