Why can't I get better wireless speeds from my ISP?

Episode 1105 (39:25)

Mike from Moreno Valley, CA
Cell tower

Mike is a gamer and he lives in a remote area. He needs to find internet service so he can use his XBox One. Leo says that's a drawback to the XBox -- it requires a constant online connection. Mike switched to a wireless service but the download speed is really slow. Mike's frustration is that he can see the cell tower from his house and he still can't get a good signal. Leo says it sounds like the ISP lied to him about the performance he would get. What they promise and what he'll actually get can be two different things, and it sounds like the tower is overburdened. He can see how it performs late at night and if it gets better, then he'll know the tower is just overloaded. Leo advises going to BroadbandReports.com to see what other services are available in the area that can be competitive.