What's a good budget tablet for me?

Episode 1105 (1:31:05)

Sondra from San Diego, CA

Sondra needs two tablets. One for browsing and email for her husband, and one for more advanced options. Leo says that you have the choice of Windows, Android, and Apple's iOS. Leo says all three work just fine, but very careful about "deals" for under $100. That's a false economy because they're woefully underpowered. You're going to want to spend at least $250-300. Leo says that a detachable bluetooth keyboard will add another $100 to the price as well. So if you need that, you're looking at $400. Android is going to be the best option for that budget. The Google Nexus 10 16GB is $400. But it's out of stock at Google Play, which Leo suspects is a sign Google is about to update it. Also try refurbs. That can save you a bit, but make sure you buy them directly from the manufacturer. Apple's refurbished iPads are a great deal. You can get an iPad 4 Retina for $299 at Apple's refurb store. That's a great deal. The NVidia Shield is a great option ... it's $300 and 16GB, But it's 7". But still that's probably all you need.