Scott Wilkinson and the UHD Color Gamut

Episode 1105 (26:09)

This week on Home Theater Geeks, Scott had Joe Kane as his guest to talk about hi definition color space in television. Leo says that it's a good show to watch because the next generation TVs will not only have higher resolution and frame rates, but also color space that goes beyond the limits of the human eye. Scott says that current TVs don't reproduce red very well. It tends to look more orange. But the new Ultra HD TVs will. Sadly, the content will have to catch up and expand their range of colors to take advantage of that color gamut. BT2020 is a new specification that encompasses this larger gamut, but the colors in it are monochromatic and no TV can convert it. But lasers can. But that'll be very expensive. Toshiba had a rear laser TV, but flat panels are all the rage and it'll be a challenge to get lasers emitting into it. Projectors though, may be the solution. But that deals with another issue, the limits of the human eye. People don't see the same colors (called "metorism,") and as such, you can't really standardize in the narrow bands as they can in the existing wider bands.

What about OLED TVs? Are they worth the $8,000 price tag? Scott says that if you design the system right, you can get them now and it'll be good enough and maintain its usefulness in the future.