Johnny Jet

Episode 1105 (2:00:07)

Johnny Jet lost a credit card a few weeks ago and when he signed into Uber, his account was banned! He just forgot to change the credit card number after cancelling it and then he wouldn't be able to use Uber. So he had to get with the customer service people and it took 24 hours to sort everything out. So the lesson here is, make sure your account is updated when that happens!

App of the week - ProHDR. It's $1.99 and it uses two photos to create the perfect exposure and dynamic range, It uses a concept called High Dynamic Range photography and it's amazing. And it's not available for Android. The second app, which is free, is Adobe Photoshop Express. It's Photoshop for your phone! Leo says that Snapseed is another excellent camera app and it's free as well. You use those three and you have all you need to shoot amazing images with your mobile phone.