Dick DeBartolo, The Giz Wiz

Episode 1105 (2:13:25)

This week, Leo has a gadget for Dickie D ... it's the Humana Light, which is a light that can run for weeks on dead batteries! From ETOW.org, it uses a simple circuit that will run for weeks on depleted batteries, and they're being distributed in third world countries. What a great idea. And because LEDs are so efficient, they can work on a small amount of current still remaining in them.

Dickie D's gadget is the BBQ Dragon. It's a fan with a riostat on it, essentially making it a blow dryer for your BBQ and you can start charcoal grills in under 10 minutes! It also has a USB port so you can insert rechargable batteries and charge them. Leo says it works great, but it does blow ashes everywhere.But it gets your coals really hot. About $50 on Amazon.