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Watch Pat from Corona, CA Comments

Pat would like to extend his Wi-Fi signal out to his huge back yard, up to 800 to 1000 feet. Leo says that's a long way. Wi-Fi usually goes about 150 feet, maybe 600 feet if it's line of sight. Leo says it'll be a lot easier to string a wire. Pat could buy bridges and boosters, but there's limits to the power drive it. has directional Wi-Fi Antennas and Pat will need them on both sides.

Watch Mackenzie from Grand Rapids, MI Comments

Mackenzie took Leo's advice and got a Lenovo Carbon X1. But the native resolution on a hi-def display doesn't scale properly and text is extremely small. Leo says that Apple's retina display has solved it by using half resolution that will double when doing photo and video. But since Mackenzie is using a Windows laptop, he'll have to deal with the lower 1080p resolution.

Watch Mike from Moreno Valley, CA Comments

Mike is a gamer and he lives in a remote area. He needs to find internet service so he can use his XBox One. Leo says that's a drawback to the XBox -- it requires a constant online connection. Mike switched to a wireless service but the download speed is really slow. Mike's frustration is that he can see the cell tower from his house and he still can't get a good signal. Leo says it sounds like the ISP lied to him about the performance he would get. What they promise and what he'll actually get can be two different things, and it sounds like the tower is overburdened. He can see how it performs late at night and if it gets better, then he'll know the tower is just overloaded. Leo advises going to to see what other services are available in the area that can be competitive.

Watch Tim from Chino Hills, CA Comments

Tim wants to know if the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet is worth the money. Leo says he's not a fan of Windows 8.1, but if he needs a lightweight Windows laptop that can become a tablet, the Surface Pro 3 is a nice alternative with a gorgeous screen. It's very light and portable. The keyboard is nominal, not great. But all in all, it's a good choice if you need a Windows option.

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Watch Don from Garden Grove, CA Comments

Don wants to know if there's a Bluetooth printer that he can use with a friend's Samsung Galaxy Tab 10 tablet. Leo says that there are, but another option from Google is Google Cloud Print, which prints from any internet connected printer anywhere in the world. So if he can get on Wi-Fi, he can print.

If the retirement center won't let him do that, Canon Pixma printers are Bluetooth, and HP makes some as well. The issue may be the tablet more than the printer, though. Don will need to find a printer that supports the tablet in question. Samsung also has a feature called Samsung Mobile Print, which works through an app. It can then print to any printer. So he should try that first.

Watch Tom from Warren, OH Comments

Tom is having issues connecting his iPhone to his router, and he's looking to get an Asus One router. Leo says that's a great idea because it uses DD-WRT, which is an open source firmware and it's more secure, faster, and offers more options. Leo says that the plaster and metal joists could be acting as a faraday cage to prevent connectivity. And it's not unusual for a weaker signal to have issues in iOS. It just sounds like the signal isn't good and you coudl get an extender, but Leo recommends getting one from the same brand.

Watch David from Mission Viejo, CA Comments

David has a program on the iPad that scrolls text into a movie. He wants to share it with his clients, but he's getting HDCP errors. Leo says that's odd because HDCP is copy protection and if he's creating his own content, that shouldn't even be a factor. Leo says it's likely not the video or the iPad, but the converter he's using to get the video out of the iPad. It probably isn't HDCP compliant, and the device he's linking to requires it. This is one of the reasons why Leo hates the digital rights management of HDCP.

Could it be the dongle? Leo says it could be. Leo says that using Airplay is a better solution. Then he can connect via AppleTV and there's no HDCP compliance issues. Pinnacle works well as well, especially with AppleTV. So that's an option as well. But if you're using AppleTV, it should work. The sad part is, HDCP doesn't stop piracy AT ALL. The only people that are prevented from enjoying content are honest users, not pirates.

Watch Fred from Redding, PA Comments

Fred has a monitor that suddenly went out. So he replaced it with a TV and now it's gone out as well. Leo says that the original monitor may not be bad, it could be the cable. It could be a bad cable or the refresh rate settings in his computer may be incorrect. But since it happened when he turned on his printer, his power connections could be to blame and putting in an AV power supply could be helpful. They have surge suppression that will filter the power and keep it consistent. APC and Triplite are good companies that sell them. They're a bit pricey, but worth the peace of mind from the protection they provide.

Watch Wes from Piedmont, VA Comments

Wes is in the market for a tablet for reading music. Leo says that while there are tablets that cost less that can do that, Leo advises to use the iPad. There are so many apps that are musician centric, including transribing music, many musicians are now using iPads rather than having sheet music when they play in a performance. So the iPad is really the best option for that because it'll do so much more. And it's worth spending the extra costs. And you don't need the latest. An iPad 3 would work just fine.

Watch Sondra from San Diego, CA Comments

Sondra needs two tablets. One for browsing and email for her husband, and one for more advanced options. Leo says that you have the choice of Windows, Android, and Apple's iOS. Leo says all three work just fine, but very careful about "deals" for under $100. That's a false economy because they're woefully underpowered. You're going to want to spend at least $250-300. Leo says that a detachable bluetooth keyboard will add another $100 to the price as well. So if you need that, you're looking at $400. Android is going to be the best option for that budget. The Google Nexus 10 16GB is $400. But it's out of stock at Google Play, which Leo suspects is a sign Google is about to update it. Also try refurbs. That can save you a bit, but make sure you buy them directly from the manufacturer. Apple's refurbished iPads are a great deal. You can get an iPad 4 Retina for $299 at Apple's refurb store. That's a great deal. The NVidia Shield is a great option ... it's $300 and 16GB, But it's 7". But still that's probably all you need.

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Watch Randy from Bakersfield, CA Comments

Tim is having an issue that he can't connect with his mac. Leo says he should try and reset the router by unplugging it and plugging it back in. If that works, then the router just needed to be reset. But you can also reset the wifi on your laptop by turning it off and on. Tim tried that and it disconnects after a few minutes. Then that indicates a bad router and Tim should contact his ISP to get a replacement.

Watch Mark from Charlotte, NC Comments

Mark has a Windows machine and he took Leo's advice and created a limited user account out of his admin account. But he lost his original information as a result. Leo says the trick is to create a separate admin account first, then modify the existing account as a limited user. But he can't even see the original account.

The chatroom says to try rebooting his system into Safe Mode. Then he should look for the account. It could be hidden and going into safe mode will enable him to find it.