What tablet should I get for IT work?

Episode 1104 (1:44:32)

Azar from Irvine, CA

Azar is an IT administrator and he's looking at getting a tablet for work. He has a Nexus 5 phone. Leo says that a Nexus 7 is a great companion for that. Azar says he can get a refurbished one for $100. Leo advises not doing that. It's likely the first generation and they had issues. Get the new version. It's worth spending the money on.

What about the Dell Venue Windows Tablet? Leo says the advantage to that is Microsoft Office. But if he can do everything he needs with the Android, why not?

Can it multi-task? Leo says whatever he can do on his phone, he can do on that tablet. Leo also says humans don't really do multi-tasking. They “time slice.” Maybe 15% of people have true multi-tasking capability. The rest who think they can, end up doing poorly at all tasks.