Is it possible to make the text big on a tablet?

Episode 1104 (14:19)

Pete from Lomita, CA
iPad Air

Pete has never owned a computer and he's thinking about getting a tablet. His vision is starting to fail, so he's wondering if he would be able to make the text bigger on it. Leo says tablets can have their print set for any size, so that's not an issue. Any electronic device will do that.

Pete is thinking about the 12” Samsung Galaxy Tab. Leo says that's a bit big. Just because the tablet is a bigger size, won't mean the things on it will be larger -- he'd just have more screen real estate. Kindle's reader also would let him change not only the size of the font, but also the background color. The iPad is a better choice than Android for most people.

Any chance that Apple will be making a larger tablet? Leo says the rumor is that Apple is going to release an iPad Pro, which would be bigger. So if he can wait a few months until they announce their new line, he should. But he really doesn't have to wait.

Pete wants to know if there's a book he could get to help him learn about them. Leo says that the iPad is surprisingly straight forward, and it doesn't even come with a handbook. It's very intuitive. He should keep in mind that he'll need internet access to use it, either Wi-Fi or 4G. Either way, he'll have to pay a monthly data fee. Some tablets offer free monthly internet access for life, but it's only 200MB a month. AT&T offers 2 GB a month minimum, and thats a good place to start.