How can I start a YouTube channel for gaming?

Episode 1104 (2:09:25)

Samson from Chatsworth, CA

Samson wants to make a YouTube Channel for gaming. Leo says that at 14, he can actually run his own channel without parental approval (although he should have approval). He wants to do Minecraft videos. Leo says that Minecraft is a very crowded field for play along, and it's very popular. So much so that YouTube bought Twitch, which is used for that reason. Gameplay is the hottest category and PewDiePie is one of the biggest players. He's making a ton of money doing it. So it comes down to this – why does Samson want to do it? Samson says it looks fun. It really comes down to what games he likes. And there's also a good comedy component to them.

Where can Samson get cheap, but good green screen equipment? He could just use any solid color sheet, it doesn't have to be green. Then he should stretch it out and evenly light it. He'll want the color to be one he won't ever wear or have in his eyes. Florescent green is a good choice because of that.

For lighting, he should use two sets of lights. One for him and one for the green screen. He should diffuse the light so it isn't a harsh spotlight on him. Then he can use chromakey software to overlay the background and key out the green. He'll have to spend some time playing around with it, and he'll get better as he goes along. There's a great green screen kit on Amazon for about $60, which should include everything he needs.