What speakers would be best on a wireless network?

Episode 1103 (38:38)

Steve from Glendale, CA
Sonos Play:5

Steve has network attached storage and wants to be able to access his media anywhere in the house. Should he use wireless speakers? Leo says that conventional wireless speakers won't work all around the house, but the Sonos wireless system is an ideal solution. They use a wide variety of speakers that are about the middle of the line, but what makes the system stand out is that it can provide what Leo calls "whole house audio." It can also provide great internet radio through Pandora, iTunes, and even the networked music from his desktop computer. Leo has access to his entire music collection.

Steve can also bridge it to an existing stereo with speakers. If he needs additional speakers, Leo recommends the Sonos Play:5 speakers. Steve will need the Sonos Connect or Bridge, then the speakers. It's not cheap, but it sounds great, and he won't have to spend all that money at once. He can build it up piecemeal, which is what Leo did.