What camera should I get for traveling to Africa?

Episode 1102 (1:26:42)

Bob from Laguna Nigel, CA
Sony NEX-5

Bob is going to Africa in September and wants to know of a good camera to get. Leo says that the Sony NEX-5 is a great traveling camera because it's micro four thirds, offers great lenses, and is incredibly light. Leo gave his son an NEX 6 for graduation. It shoots spectacular images, and they shoot terrific video as well.

Leo would recommend getting two lenses, which will give him a lot of range. The lenses are good quality too. He could get a single lens zoom that does it all, like from 16mm-200mm.

Another option would be the Sony α7r is a great camera too, with a large sensor. Leo advises visiting DPReview.com for some good, unbiased reviews. And in the end, there really isn't a wrong choice.