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Episode 1102 July 20, 2014

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Audience Questions

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Watch Rod from Hemet, CA Comments

Rod wants to change careers and get into the technology field. Leo says that following his interest is a good place to start. Starting his own app development may be a good idea, but it's not for everyone. Most people don't make a lot of money doing that. While he can learn to program, that doesn't mean he has the aptitude. IT Services is a growing field if he's good with people. Networking is also a great skill to have if he's mechanical.

If he's trying to get a job, certification will give him proof that he can do the job when he doesn't have a resume to back it up. Leo suggests checking out ITProTV. MIT posts all its IT courses online for free too. iTunes University is a good source as well.

Leo also says don't throw out his experience. He can use the special knowledge in his current field to address needs with apps. He should follow his heart, but do it with clear eyes and know where the marketplace is going.

Watch Ed from Redondo Beach, CA Comments

Had has a new HTC One and lately, Ed says it's had a mind of its own. Lately it's been changing cities in the weather app without him being able to reset it. Leo says it could be that the current location setting has changed or the location services has been disabled. Ed says the icon for voice recorder has moved as well. Leo says that they can be moved around, so he should just drag it back.

Leo's found it's really easy to move things inadvertently. Leo also says that using a third party launcher will allow him to customize his interface more. There are several options, including Apex Launcher, Nova Launcher, and ADW Launcher. All of these will allow him to lock the desktop to rearrange it.

Watch Annette from Tustin, CA Comments

Annette bought a Dell Desktop PC running Windows 7. She's got it setup to run automatic updates, but now it's failing to complete an update. Leo says that once it fails at an update, she'll keep getting a message about it until it successfully applies it.

Here's a page at on how to fix update Issues. Leo says to try removing the update and then use the manual version of the update to install it. It's a bit tricky, but it can be done. She may also need to boot to the Windows Install Disk and select "Repair."

Watch Kim from Santa Clarita, CA Comments

Kim wants to switch carriers and wants to know the best option for getting an iPhone. Leo was going to suggest T-Mobile, but that's where Kim is and she doesn't want to have a contract. Leo says that without a contract, she'll have to pay for a phone unsubsidized. She can also buy the iPhone 5S unsubsidized and make payments on it, but that's just like having a contract. Should she wait? Leo says we'll know when the iPhone 6 is coming out in a couple months. It'll probably be out in September.

Audience QuestionsHour 2

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Watch Barry from Aliso Viejo, CA Comments

Barry gets lousy cell phone reception at work. Leo says there are signal repeaters such as the Wilson Electronics Cell Phone Signal Boost. Barry would place the antenna in a place where there is signal, and it would send the signal to the booster which would repeat it.

If Barry doesn't have signal anywhere near his office, a device called a Femtocell or MicroCell would work. This will route his cellphone calls through his Internet connection. It's like a mini cellphone tower that connects via the Internet. They're not very expensive, either. So that may be the best solution, and if he goes to his carrier and says he wants to cancel the service without one, they may just give him one.

Republic Wireless is a very inexpensive carrier that allows phone calling over Wi-Fi. They do it very well, and the handoff from Wi-Fi to cellular works seamlessly.

Watch Eddie from El Monte, Ca Comments

Eddie wants to know if he should buy an LG G3 or wait for something better. Leo says he hasn't used it yet, but it has the highest resolution 5.5" 4K screen on the market. That's ultra high definition. But Leo doesn't think he would be able to see a difference. It will impact battery life, too. But he can always get extra batteries to get him through the day.

LG makes top of the line smart phones, but they have a wacky button design on the back. The camera is decent, but not great. It's a little slow. It does have laser focusing though, which is interesting.

Watch Linda from Santa Monica, CA Comments

Linda bought a modem on amazon to save money on rentals at AT&T Uverse. Leo says that's a great idea. Having your own equipment makes it easier to take your business elsewhere should you want to cancel as well.

Watch Joe from Austin, TX Comments

Joe got an Amazon Fire TV, but when he plugs it into his Denon AV receiver it doesn't work. Leo says he likes the Denon AV receiver and can't imagine why it wouldn't work. Everything in the chain is "HDCP" complaint for copy protection. So it should work just fine.

Leo thinks it may be a bad port or bad cable. Make sure the settings from the Fire TV and the TV itself are matched. If one is 1080i and the other is 1080p, then the handshake could fail. Turn everything off and unplug it. Then plug each thing in one at a time, ending with the TV.

Watch Bob from Laguna Nigel, CA Comments

Bob is going to Africa in September and wants to know of a good camera to get. Leo says that the Sony NEX-5 is a great traveling camera because it's micro four thirds, offers great lenses, and is incredibly light. Leo gave his son an NEX 6 for graduation. It shoots spectacular images, and they shoot terrific video as well.

Leo would recommend getting two lenses, which will give him a lot of range. The lenses are good quality too. He could get a single lens zoom that does it all, like from 16mm-200mm.

Another option would be the Sony α7r is a great camera too, with a large sensor. Leo advises visiting for some good, unbiased reviews. And in the end, there really isn't a wrong choice.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Aaron from Tustin, CA Comments

Aaron has an office printer that he'd like to hook up to his upstairs router and print from his network. Is there an easy way to do that and print via Wi-Fi? It isn't a Wi-Fi enabled printer.

Leo says that the Lantronix Wireless xPrint Server will make any printer wireless. It also works with Google Cloud Print, allowing Aaron to print from anywhere in the world.

(Disclaimer: Lantronix is a sponsor).

Watch Paul from Stevensville, MT Comments

Paul had a lot of gadgets he used in Windows 7, but they've disappeared. Leo says that's probably one of the reasons why Microsoft got rid of gadgets and replaced them with Apps. They have serious security vulnerabilities and instead of fixing the flaws, Microsoft just discontinued them.

It may be the recent update to Internet Explorer 11 that killed Gadgets. Here's a link on how to get the gadgets back. There's also a workaround here.

Watch David from Northridge, CA Comments

David needs an app that will track his Android phone in case he loses or misplaces it. There's an app on the Google Play store called "Android Device Manager" that will do this. It also comes with a kill switch to wipe out his device should it get stolen. He can ring the phone to locate it, or remotely wipe it.

Watch Tim from Orange, CA Comments

Tim has a Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet and it won't hold a charge. He tried to use the charger with his phone and it won't take a charge either. Leo says that means the charger connector isn't seating properly. Leo suspects the cable itself is damaged. Leo recommends looking for a microUSB charger and he should get one with a minimum of 10 watts. That will guarantee that his device will charge faster. A new cable could do it as well, if it's detachable.

Watch David from Riverside, CA Comments

David bought a 21.5" iMac yesterday. Now he's looking for an external drive that can write to Blu-ray. Leo says that getting a blu-ray burner really isn't beneficial because he can't really burn movies with it. His Mac won't play them back, either. But if David only wants to burn images, then a Blu-ray burner will be fine.

Leo recommends going to They have a bus powered burner for $80 that works at 6x for blu-ray as well as DVDs. There's also a new player called MacBluRay Player.

Watch Simon from Gardena, CA Comments

Simon is using Windows 8 and he's having trouble with Internet Explorer. Leo says that there are two different Internet Explorers on Windows 8 -- one tile based with the URL bar at the bottom, and one desktop version with the URL bar at the top. Leo says that Simon should update to Windows 8.1, which will fix the issue.

Watch JR from Carlsbad, CA Comments

JR's laptop background went completely black one day. He can see the icons and everything, but the desktop background is completely black. He tried to change the images but it's still black. Leo says that sometimes Windows will turn the background black if it thinks the copy of Windows is unregistered. It may be there's a corrupted theme or drive. He should try using the recovery disk and choose "repair."