What laptop should I get?

Episode 1101 (1:05:00)

Jeff from Valencia, CA
MacBook Pro with Retina display

Jeff's laptop is over 10 years old and he's ready to finally get rid of it. But there's so many choices for replacing it. Leo says it's important to think about anything out of the ordinary or unusual he'd want to do with it. If he has a specific software package that requires a certain operating system, that could help make the decision. Should he get Windows 7? Leo says that some machines come with Windows 7, including some from Dell. But Windows 8.1 is the current version and even though people hate it, it's the OS moving forward. If there's no concrete reason to go Windows, why not consider a Mac?

If Jeff can afford it, going with a business class computer is a good idea because the components are better. Apple doesn't offer a cheaper consumer grade design, it's all higher end. He should check out the Apple Store, and look at a high def Retina display.

What about printers? Leo says that depends on how much he's printing. InkJets are expensive per page, but for photo printing they're the better choice. Leo likes Epson's Artisan line. For someone who prints a lot, a laser printer is the best option.