Dick DeBartolo, The Giz Wiz

Episode 1101 (2:09:26)

Do you remember those original brick like cell phones from the 80s? Well someone has created a bluetooth phone headset that looks like one that works with your iPhone. It's called The Brick. It's a retro looking cell phone looking bluetooth handset that will let you go back into time and fool your friends. You can access smartphone contacts, music and call log via Bluetooth. The Brick also has SD card slot so you can play music right on built in speaker. Built-in also is the classic game of Snake and even an FM radio. But wait, there's more. There's even a flashlight and back-lit keypad. Battery life? It has a 1000mah battery for up to 14 hours of talk time. And it’s camera-and app-free! $69.99 www.meetthebrick.com