What's wrong with my Vizio TV?

Episode 1100 (52:31)

Don from Cranston, RI
Vizio E Series

Don bought a Vizio E Series TV, but some of the content doesn't look very good, even after calibrating it. Leo says the E Series is Vizio's "economy" model. He's watching TV over FiOS, and everything looks washed out and hazy. Don wonders if it's because this is a 60Hz TV, as opposed to the M Series which is capable of 120Hz. Leo says that won't improve anything. All television is 60Hz, but 120 and 240 hz TVs will interpolate the signal to compensate for it, which can make it look plastic-like.

It's important to change the set from showroom mode to movie mode, which darkens and de-saturates the colors. But if there's still a problem with the look of the TV, Leo says it may just have something wrong with it. Leo advises returning it and telling them the backlight is messed up and that he wants a replacement.