What phone should I get, iPhone or Android?

Episode 1100 (1:41:25)

Michael from Huntington Beach, CA
HTC One M8

Michael is trying to decide between a Samsung phone and the iPhone, and wants to know what phone will let him talk on the phone and use the internet at the same time. Leo says that's a network feature and not so much a phone feature. Currently, it's only available on AT&T and T-Mobile. But Verizon and Sprint are moving towards LTE and then he'd be able to. The chat room says that this is possible on some Android phones, if the network has turned on the capability.

He's been holding off because the iPhone has such a small screen and he has issues with the keyboard. Leo says that new keyboards are coming to the iPhone this Fall and we have reliable intel that it will have at least a 4.7" screen. Some rumors say there may also be a larger 5.5" screen as well. Since Michael uses software from iOS for his job, he really only has one choice.

Leo advises going to the Verizon store and trying out phones there. He can even use it for a few weeks if he needs to. If he doesn't go with the iPhone, the HTC One M8 is a great phone. The LG G3 looks like a solid option as well. Most apps have migrated to Android, so the apps he needs may already be in the Google Play store. What about the Samsung line? Leo's not a fan because they're not really the best in class and Samsung fills up their phones with a ton of junky software he just doesn't need. Leo suggests waiting until September to see what Apple is going to do.