Should I buy a Chromebook?

Episode 1100 (27:37)

Alex from Long Beach, CA
HP Chromebook

Alex is looking to get a Google Chromebook but people are trying to convince him to get a Windows laptop instead. Leo says that the fundamental difference between a Chromebook and a Windows laptop is that there's very little storage on a Chromebook -- everything is meant to be accessed from the cloud. The entire Chromebook is basically like using only the Google Chrome web browser on a Windows computer.

If he buys the Chromebook through T-Mobile, he'll get 200MB of Internet free forever. Leo says that he can't get a good Windows machine for the price of a Chromebook, and it's more secure. If something is wrong, he can "power wash", which will restore everything to factory settings so he can start over. If all he's going to do is browse the web, use Google Docs, and stream video, the Chromebook would be a good choice. There's a lot of extensions to make the Chromebook even more functional. Including streaming from Google Music.