More on Android Wear and the LG G Watch

Episode 1100 (02:01)

LG G Watch

While Leo remains skeptical on the idea of the smart watch, he has begun to like the LG G Watch more. He finds it convenient to send and receive text messages and get notifications passed from his phone. He can talk to it, query it, and tap the screen. It's not as much of a health tracking watch, as other fitness bands and smart watches have been, but it does measure steps taken. Leo says the jury is still out on this, and probably not worth buying yet. He suggests waiting to see if Apple does something magical to make watches good.

The Android Wear platform was announced at Google's I/O conference a few weeks ago. The LG G Watch along with the Samsung Gear Live are the two first Android Wear based watches out. Samsung's Gear watch is not like the other Gear watches its released, as this new one is a pure Google Android experience and doesn't require a Samsung phone to work. Motorola has a watch coming that will run the Android Wear OS and will be round in shape.