iPhone 6 'Sapphire Crystal' Front Cover Leaked

Episode 1100 (07:52)

iPhone 6 Sapphire Crystal

A cover, supposedly for the next Apple iPhone, has been leaked. This could be made of sapphire crystal, and is very tough. It was showed off earlier this week in a YouTube video from Hong Kong by Marques Brownlee. The video shows the glass bending, and Brownlee was even stabbing it with a knife to show that it could not be scratched. The front part measures 4.7", which is consistent with the predictions we've been hearing from other sources as one of the sizes of the next iPhone.

We don't know for sure that this is sapphire, and we also don't know that it's necessarily the front of the iPhone 6. Leo suspects this is probably real because it would be more difficult to fake this. Watch the YouTube video of the sapphire crystal display here.