Can I just replace the battery in my Samsung Galaxy S3?

Episode 1100 (1:33:20)

Sandy from Long Beach, CA
Samsung Galaxy S3 battery

Sandy's Samsung Galaxy S3 isn't holding a charge anymore. Can she just replace the battery or does she have to buy a new phone? Leo says she can definitely just replace the battery. All she needs to do is open up the back of the phone and pull out the battery. She can buy a new battery to replace it.

Leo also says if Sandy hates all the extra stuff on the phone, she can buy the Google edition of the S4 for $650. She'll have to buy it off contract at full cost, though. She should probably get the S5 if she's going to get a new phone. If she does, she should get the larger 32GB version because it has so much junk on it, she won't have much extra space. Of course, no matter what she gets, she can always root it.