What laptops support SSD encryption?

Episode 1099 (36:32)

David from Eerie, PA
Samsung EVO SSD

David is going to be upgrading his laptop, but he's concerned because his Samsung SSDs have onboard encryption and he's not sure what laptops would support it. Leo says that the encryption has always been around, but EVO is a new standard. EVO is a self encrypting drive and even the BIOS doesn't have to handle that. So he'll probably be OK if his SSD is EVO.

If it doesn't support EVO, then the SSDs disc encryption would need to be enabled in BIOS with the BIOS password. David tried that and it didn't work. Leo recommends looking for a laptop that supports trusted platform modules (TPM). There's a WikiPedia article which may be able to help. There's also this article from sevenforums.com.