A Look at the Android Wear LG G Watch

Episode 1099 (01:28)

LG G Watch

Leo bought the Android Wear LG G Watch. This is the latest smart watch, after many previous watches like the Pebble or Samsung's Galaxy Gear Gear. There have also been many fitness bands like the Nike Fuel Band, Jawbone Up, and the Fitbit Flex. Microsoft even had a Spot Watch over a decade ago, and even the Casio calculator watch. Unfortunately, the LG G Watch is only marginally better than those past attempts according to Leo. Leo suspects the reason that all these companies are making wearables such as smart watches and fitness bands is the pressure from the stock market to keep growing.

Leo says they are great pedometers, and they do tell you the time as you'd expect from any watch. It also gives you quick weather information, and notifications from your smartphone. But ultimately Leo thinks this is just a luxury item, and not so much a necessity. Computers started out as just a luxury item though too, and became necessity later. Leo thinks it's cool, but certainly not anything you'd need quite yet.