Do I need to upgrade my internet bandwidth to stream Netflix?

Episode 1099 (1:49:52)

Mike from Santa Monica, CA

Mike has a pair of Samsung internet enabled TVs. His Internet speed is about 2 Mbps down. He has upgraded his router, but he's still getting a lot of buffering while streaming. Should he upgrade his internet speed? Leo says that may be the best option. The lowest cost internet is on the edge of using video. And as such, Netflix is probably downgrading the quality.

He could wire the TV directly into the router. That would eliminate any interference or congestion. Leo also says it's better to use an AppleTV or Roku device than the Internet TV Apps. So upgrading his internet bandwidth is a good idea if he's going to be streaming a lot, especially from more than one television. Will a 240 Hz TV help? Leo says no. That has to do with how the video looks and many complain that it gives the picture a 'plastic' look.